Last weekend I did a talk at the Tearfund Rhythms Visual Communication day. I shared a bit of my story and a few things that I’ve found helpful to know when creating and communicating.
It was great to be part of the day and to chat about creativity with some really inspiring young people. There’s a bit of a transcript thing on my slideshare.

Farewell Matkins!

My colleague Matt is probably the cleverest person I know, and a nice guy too. Today is his last day at Yoomee before moving on to bigger and better things.

Aside from insane coding skills, Matt’s biggest legacy is teaching us some stretch moves that we do as a team every morning at 11am. We started them after reading a blog post about how sitting at a computer is killing you. Turns out we’re not designed to be sitting all day hunched over a screen! Now stretching is part of our daily routine and is a good chance to stop, clear your head and talk to each other.

As a leaving gift I made Matt a little framed print celebrating Stretch O’Clock.

The summer of cycling

I’ve always been into bicycles, even before they were cool and Britain started winning things on them (not any more mind you thanks to the cobbles). I’ve watched the Tour de France every year since I was a kid and have fond memories of huddling round our TV with pitiful Channel 4 reception trying to pick out riders from the white noise (no chance when it was raining!). 

Watching The Tour pass through Yorkshire last weekend was incredible. It was like having the World Cup come to your local park - so great to watch a major sporting event happen on the familiar roads of the Peak District and brilliant to see how the whole of Yorkshire got behind it.

To celebrate the Tour coming up north I did a T-shirt design for the Level Collective. Henderson’s Relish appreciators might notice the subtle orange label in the bottle cage!

We’re nearly sold out but have a few left in stock here.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who gave to our #tfbloggers campaign. Forty-one people signed up to give regularly, and it’s only after speaking to a few charity fundraisers that I’ve realised how incredible that number is. I’m sorting out the artwork prints this week and will be sending them out as soon as I can. 

I'm sending a print to everyone who signs up to give

Still want to give?

It’s not too late to give and get some free artwork! giving is easy:

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What will this money do?
If 60 people signed up for just £3 a month that could mean 70 new families in Cambodia could have their lives transformed through the Umoja process. That means 70 families who can get a better education, learn new skills and lift themselves out of poverty once and for all.